"The 80th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Vatican City is the right opportunity to recall the noble purpose of its existence and action, to evaluate to what extent the Vatican action was pursued during those eighty years, and to try and conceive the future action peculiar to the State of Vatican City". At the Lateran Palace, in Rome, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, secretary of State, spoke those words during his introductory speech at the meeting for the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Vatican City, coinciding with the signature of the “Lateran Pacts”, 11th February 1929. As for the mandate given by John Paul II to Cardinal Casaroli (secretary of State at the time) in 1984 "to represent us in the civil government of the State of Vatican City", Bertone pointed out the words of Pope Wojtyla on "the temporal sovereignty of the State itself; this Roman Apostolic See, which the Providence asked us to take care of, is independent of any earthly authority". "The starting point of my remarks – he added – is thus the intention of those who wanted this state reality through the Lateran Pacts, and above all, with the Treaty"; he spoke of Pious XI as "great Pope, the real deviser and founder of the State of Vatican City".

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