"By the Treaty signed 80 years ago, Italy has not only recognised the existence of this enclave-State, but it has also taken the commitment of guaranteeing what is essential for this state to live and operate. Let us take art. 6 of the Lateran Treaty, for instance, in which Italy is committed to guaranteeing a series of public services (water supply, railway service, communication services…)," said Card. Bertone during the meeting which was held today in Rome on the 80th anniversary of the "Lateran Treaty". "I must admit that the Italian authorities have always shown the will to meet the obligations they have undertaken," he said. "Now, Italy has to take into account its European membership even in the fulfilment of its treaty commitments with the Holy See." "An example is given by the introduction of the European common currency, which was made possible by the Monetary Convention of 2000 between the Holy See, on behalf of the Vatican City State, and Italy for the European Community. After this, ‘a set of measures were adopted even in the Vatican State, namely monetary, financial, penal and surveillance measures, in line with European directives’." ” ” ” “

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