"Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Civitas Vaticana, it is worth praising those who have been the protagonists of the eight-decade history of a small portion of land." This was said tonight at the Vatican by Pope Benedict XVI at the end of the concert promoted on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Vatican City State. Addressing the presents, among whom there were the participants to the international conference "A Small Territory for a Great Mission" (to be held in the Lateran Palace until February 14), the Pope recalled his predecessor, Pius XI, who was the main author of the establishment of the Vatican State. "Announcing the signature of the Lateran Treaty and, above all, the foundation of the Vatican City State, Pius XI wanted to quote Saint Francis of Assisi," said Benedict XVI. "He said that the new sovereign reality was for the Church, as it was for the Poverello, ‘enough body, to keep body and soul together’ (cf. Discourse, 11 February 1929). Then the Pope asked the presents to pray that the mission of the Vatican City State and of "he who is at the helm of the Boat" may be carried out for the goodness of humankind. ” “” “” “” “” “

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