Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia: those are some of the topics for the Plenary Assembly of the European Episcopal Commission for Media (CEEM), taking place from Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 November at the Old Synod Hall, at the Vatican, on the subject "Culture of the Internet and communication of the Church". During the assembly, European bishops will debate with the people communicating and producing culture through the Internet: from the social network Facebook to the global research engine Google-YouTube, from the microblogging to the social encyclopaedia Wikipedia. A sociologist will help participants to understand the relationship of the young with the Internet. Later on, they will talk about IT piracy (hackers) and copyrights. Finally, since "media are becoming the social and cultural area for all our individual and social practices to a greater and greater extent", the assembly "will try to check how the Internet changes religious practice, too, among Christians, above all". CEEM is a specialised commission of the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE) following the development of media and ecclesial communications. About one hundred delegates will take part in the meeting: bishops in charge of episcopal commissions for social communications, together with experts, press agents and spokespeople of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe.

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