But mgr. Padovese is disappointed by something else as well, that is, the presence of a Turkish judge in the Court. The bishop explains: "we are well aware that in Turkey the teaching of religion is compulsory. We, as Catholic Christians, as a non-recognised minority, have the obligation to make our children attend the class of Islamic religion. I wonder what kind of religious freedom and respect of identity may we speak of, if the Court has a member in whose country religious freedom is not fully respected". "I say to those who drew up this verdict – the president of Cet goes on – that they should realise that European reality is much more complex and there are more serious problems that that of leaving or removing a crucifix. There are situations of religious minorities that are discriminated against. We still reason in an excessively Eurocentric way, giving those who claim the right to be a minority things that some minorities, like us, in other countries, can by no means claim as their right".” ” ” “

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