"Every time there are doubts on medical treatments that keep the patient alive, one must decide with a presumption in favour of life. The value of life and its protection should never be judged from the opinions on the person’s quality of life": this is how Anthony Ozimic of the "Society for the protection of unborn children", a British pro-life movement, comments with SIR the case of "Baby RB", the one-year-old baby who was called like that by the British press to protect his identity, born with a "congenital myasthenic syndrome" which makes it difficult for him to breathe without a breathing apparatus. Although he depends on a machine to live, RB loves fairy tales, music and playing with toys. The hospital treating him went to the British Supreme Court because it wants to unplug the machine that keeps him alive, as doctors claim that the baby’s quality of life does not warrant keeping him alive. His father opposes the hospital’s request while his mother agrees with it. According to Janet Thomas of "No less human", another pro-life association, "some children who caught polio in 1950 spent the rest of their lives in an iron lung, but no one doubted that their quality of life would undermine their right to keep living". In the United Kingdom, approximately 300 people suffer from the same condition as "baby RB’s".

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