"No word of excuse will ever be enough; as the archbishop of Dublin and as Diarmuid Martin, I offer to every abused person my apologies, my grief and my shame for what happened to them".” “In a sincere and moving release that acknowledges all the failures the Church has had over the last few years and pays tribute to the victims’ courage and pain, mgr. Martin, during a press conference in the diocesan bookshop of Dublin, commented on the report published by the Irish Ministry of Justice on the cases of abuse committed in his archdiocese. "It’s difficult to find the words to describe how I feel today", states the archbishop, who then thanks Justice Yvonne Murphy and her team "for the diligent and professional work they carried out in producing this report, which, I expect, will be an irreplaceable framework to better protect the children of today and the future ones".” “"The report provides a few glances into these crimes. But no report can tell the suffering and the trauma endured by these children and even by their families", went on mgr. Martin, encouraging those who have not yet reported the abuse they have endured and for whom the publication of this report will be a trauma to speak about that "with a friend, a counsellor, the national health service, the police or even the children’s protection service of the diocese". (continued)

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