"Such an attack sparks fear among the Christian community in Iraq and sounds like a menace, a warning to flee the country". Interviewed by the SIR, Mgr. Philip Najim, Chaldean procurator to the Holy See, commented on the attack that has destroyed the Chaldean church of St. Efrem in Mosul this morning. "Christians do not feel protected, neither by local authorities nor by the government, and, in the wake of such violent actions, they decide to flee from Iraq", explained Mgr. Najim. "This blind violence has the aim to spark fear and panic among people and is directed against the whole Iraqi society". According to the Chaldean procurator, "attacking a church has a terrible meaning. It means attacking a worship place where people go to pray to the one and almighty God, the God of all people. It means attacking the priceless good of people’s faith and religion. These actions against God fuel fear". "I cannot say if this attack was perpetrated as a consequence of tensions in the run-up to the January elections. I believe, however, that these actions are undermining the different ethnic groups and the State itself". ” ” ” “

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