The Year for Priests gives Spanish priests the chance to "deal with the current situation of priests in Spain" besides being a "providential event for the Spanish bishops" united in the search for the "greatest good of their faithful". This was said by Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, archbishop of Madrid and president of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference (CEE), in his opening speech to the 94th CEE Plenary Assembly. In this regard, "there are many signs of hope", said the cardinal. New charismatic people and church realities as well as parishes under the guidance of zealous priests are attracting "youth groups. They love the Church and show a great sense of belonging to her, for through her they have met Jesus Christ, the true saviour; and they are ready to follow her as servants of her redemptive work in the ministry of priesthood", stressed the cardinal. Although they live in a hedonistic environment, many young people "are longing for God, they are looking for his face". And there is an ever-growing number of families "who are living as true communities of faith and love", and volunteer associations, both ecclesiastical and lay, "in which the young can fulfil their desire to serve, thus overcoming egoism and solitude". ” ” ” “

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