Looking at the difficulties of this age, Vignon added: "as social Christians, we ask that the crisis should not to be a pretext to simply ask for cuts on welfare expenditure. We believe instead that it can offer an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of expenditure according to a social justice criterion". An effectiveness that, for the president of Ssf, does not consist only "in rationalising different areas of social security" but involves "unemployment subsidies, family subsidies, housing subsidies f, access to health care combined with policies for access to employment, for retaining employment, for professional growth. A wide-ranging scheme – Vignon explained – that demands decentralisation and the citizens’ involvement". In this sphere, special importance is given to "new forms of solidarity" which, he insisted, "are at the heart of productive economy in boundless spheres of action and in practices of veritable corporate social accountability, which is regarded as a true managerial rule. They are veritable and accessible responses to the crisis which is a systemic and structural one. They are no longer a specific area of work but a human and social goal". During his speech, Vignon read a well-wishing message from the Pope, signed by card. Tarcisio Bertone.

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