(Paris) – "Confronted with the great mechanisms of economy, the very many charitable initiatives that have been born in France and Europe over the last few years, in response to situations of poverty and social exclusion, may look marginal or residual, but that’s not the case at all". Michel Camdessus – economist, honorary director of the Bank of France – during the 84th Social Week of France (Ssf), which ended in Paris yesterday, repeats to SIR that "these multiple social and economic initiatives for people and families in distress do not mean to replace the macroscopic economic and financial choices but they are not negligible either; and in addition they question the consciences of economists, businessmen and politicians". "That of those who try out new forms of solidarity is not a utopia – the economist adds -; there is great concreteness in responding to these needs and there’s the message that an economic alternative option is feasible". So many new things in France and Europe, according to Camdessus, "aptly respond to Benedict XVI’s opinion in the encyclical ‘Caritas in veritate’, which speaks of such experiences as choices that do not mean to replace the institutional choices but add up to them, fertilise each other and remind everyone that man must be at the heart of an economy and a politics that want to serve the common good".

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