(Paris) – "A geography of injustice corresponds to a geography of solidarity, as is shown for instance by the initiatives in aid of the migrant populations that translate into humanitarian schemes in the south of the world or in decaying Western urban areas". However, Pierre Calame, director of the Mayer Foundation ( for the Progress of Man, who spoke today at the 84th Social Week of France that is taking place in Paris, asked: "what impact may the multiple expressions of solidarity have on the big economic and political choices, in a society that is increasingly structured into networks of power and influence?" Nowadays, the speaker believes, "intellectual rigour and boldness to rethink solidarity and governance are even more necessary and urgent than any actual deed of solidarity". It is on the cultural plane that Calame shifted the issue "of the new forms of solidarity", not because their effectiveness is questioned but because "thousands of development projects still fail to make a solidarity that is capable of making any difference at the level of world strategies". To the question on where a cultural turning point for a new form of solidarity may begin, Calame answered: "from the territories, from these realities that express a concreteness of life and the ability to look beyond their own boundaries. This is the time to think locally and act globally".

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