"Breaking Borders" is the title of one of the initiatives promoted by the Council of Europe to celebrate twenty years from the fall of the Berlin Wall. An international conference on freedom of expression is taking place in the German capital on November 3rd; Thorbjorn Jagland, the new secretary of the COE, will draw up a report focussing on the new instruments of communication and free circulation of ideas, including the Internet. "On the same occasion – stated the Council of Europe – Google will launch a YouTube channel on freedom of expression". On November 3rd, at the headquarters in the Palace of Europe in Strasbourg, there will also be a meeting promoted by the Bioethics Executive Committee of the Council of Europe and the current Slovenian presidency, in order "to examine the impact of the European Convention on the rights of man and biomedicine", known as the Oviedo Convention. In particular, they will debate the impact of the Convention on both "the legislative and practical level"; moreover, the reasons for the missing ratification of the Convention by some States will be examined. Speakers include: Herman Nys, director of the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law, Leuven, Belgium; Sheila McLean, member of the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO.

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