In view of the renegotiation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (May 2010), the president of COMECE points out that "a combination of the American ‘zero option’" of last April and "the Germans’ decision" to remove tactical nuclear weapons from their soil "could create the opportunity for drawing closer to a world without nuclear weapons". Recalling the interest the Holy See takes in the success of negotiations and the need even for Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands to follow Germany’s example, Mgr. Van Luyn says: "Yet the question arises as to whether churches in Europe, and specifically COMECE, ought not also to be active in supporting the EU on this initiative". In this regard, Paul Lansu, adviser to Pax Christi International, will be preparing a proposal on 20 November. As for the current economic crisis, the president of COMECE highlights that its "deeper cause is a distorted image of humanity", that of a "homo economicus" intent only on benefit maximisation and the assertion of individual entitlements", a concept that has "very often determined the political direction in Europe" over the last few decades. Hence the president praises the "noteworthy initiatives which challenge the prevailing standards for benchmarking economic performance and social progress". (continued)

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