"Today’s mainstream cultural sensitivity tends to censor death" while the need to proclaim the "good news" of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ should be "the first service to render to a tired and somewhat concealed sensitivity which is leading young generations in particular towards a process of collective removal", reads the final statement released at the end of the CEI assembly which was held in Assisi from 9 to 12 November. According to the bishops, today "it is necessary to help people look at the perspective of death in a less evasive way. Death should be considered as an integral part of existence and people should turn up their eyes to what the Christian hope entrusts to the human heart. According to the bishops, the celebration of a funeral is "a moment that is shared with great participation even by those who do not believe and seldom go to church" and therefore provides "a privileged space for the proclamation of such a hope". Hence it is important to "ensure" that "this moment is regarded as an enthralling and significant pastoral offer, an opportunity to show the closeness and emotional participation of the Christian community". (continued) ” “

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