By forgetting its Christian roots, the European continent exposes itself to the "risk" of seeing its "original dynamism stifled by individualism and utilitarianism", pointed out Pope Benedict XVI as he received today at the Vatican the credential letters of Yves Gazzo, head of the European Commission Delegation to the Holy See. To be "a place of peace and stability", said the Pope, the European Union shall not forget those values which are "the fruit of a long and silent history in which, all will agree, Christianity has played a key role. The equal dignity of all human beings, freedom of faith as the foundation of all other civil liberties, peace as a fundamental element of common good". "When the Church asks for the Christian roots of Europe to be recognized, it is not doing so to claim a privileged status for itself", continued the Holy Father. "Its aim is to keep the historical memory alive" recalling "the clear Christian vision of the founding fathers of the European Union". A truth that is "often hushed up", added the Pope. "Even more deeply", however, the Church "wants to reaffirm that Europe’s values are mainly rooted in its Christian heritage which even today does not cease to nurture them". (continued) ” “

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