30,000 euros have been allocated to hospitals in Gaza by the German organisation for development Misereor with the aim of providing medicines, medical equipment and beds. "The humanitarian situation in Gaza is catastrophic. Sometimes doctors have to operate without sterilised surgical instruments and gloves," said Maria Haarmann, Misereor representative for the Middle East. According to the Israeli doctors association "Physician for Human Rights-Israel (Phr-Israel)", a partner organisation of Misereor, more than 520 people died and nearly 2,700 got injured. A third of the victims are women and children. A number of patients affected by cancer or by chronic illness have been sent home to make room for the injured. The situation is made worse by water and power supply problems and heating. "For years Phr-Israel has been working to ensure the right to health of Palestinians in the occupied territories is respected," declared Josef Sayer, spokesman of Misereor. "During war battles, health is a sign of hope which goes beyond the borders." Besides the volunteer work, Phr-Israel is holding refresher courses for its Palestinian colleagues and is committed to trying to get from Israel sufficient permission to take the patients that cannot be treated on the spot out of the Gaza Strip.

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