It’s getting increasing difficult to find food in Gaza. As reported today by Irin, the UN press office which coordinates humanitarian affairs, the city markets have been opened for a short while on Monday January 5th, but they had very few things to sell. Long queues have formed to buy bread, only 5 shekel of which can be bought, which is not enough to buy as much as a 6-children household would need. The World Food Program (WFP), also according to Irin, has managed to send a lorry with food to Gaza, on January 5th. Now, the WFP stores contain 3,700 tons of food, approximately one half the normal level. Add to this the problems in distributing aids, due to the lorry drivers refusing to drive because they are worried about their personal safety. Bombings are also preventing the WFP partners reaching the aid-distribution areas. According to the humanitarian workers in Gaza, the bombing of the network of tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Egypt has deprived Gaza of other roads to food and fuel. Also on January 5th, 60 cargoes of humanitarian aids have gone to Gaza through some reopened passes, while 215,000 litres of industrial fuel, including 47 tons of cooking gas, have been pumped from Israel to Gaza, but could not be colleted because of violence.” “” “” “” ” ” “

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