"The hope is for a ceasefire. This war must end immediately because innocent people are paying the highest price." This is what the Secretary General of Caritas Jerusalem, Claudette Habesch, said commenting the news of Israeli and Palestinian people who are allegedly ready to discuss the French-Egyptian plan to settle the crisis. "This war cannot bring peace. Unfortunately past experiences are not teaching us anything," said Ms Habesh to the SIR pointing an accusing finger at the international community which "was silent for many days before taking the decision of engaging in diplomatic efforts. Public demonstrations with people asking for an end to violence and for peace and tranquillity went unheard," he said. "The Geneva Convention and the UN resolutions are not respected." The spokeswoman for Jerusalem Caritas also analysed the situation in the Gaza Strip where, she said, there is a lack of "food, blankets, fuel and money." For this reason, an appeal will be launched by Caritas Internationalis in the next few days to raise money, namely "1.5 million euro to respond to the emergency." Caritas is currently present in Gaza with 10 doctors, one mobile clinic and six first-aid centres. A coordinator for the distribution of food packs is also with them. ” “

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