Azione Cattolica Italiana, with all the Organisations for Catholic Action of the world, joins the Pope and the devotees of the Christian Churches of Jerusalem in prayer for the end of the conflict in the Gaza Strip. In taking up the Holy Father’s words, the National Presidency of Azione Cattolica Italiana invites all the diocesan and parish associations "to join in communal prayer for the Holy Land, even during the many events that the Organisation for Catholic Action traditionally dedicates to peace in January". In particular, January 18th will see the start of the week of prayer for the unity of Christians, to coincide with the meeting of the National Board, when all levels of Azione Cattolica Italiana, along with the Organisation for Catholic Action of all the countries of the world, will join in a communal invocation for Peace in the Holy Land. Two are the Angelus prayers during which Benedict XVI made an appeal for the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip: "war and hatred are not the solution to any problems", he warned on January 4th. Hence his appeal to the two sides, the Israeli and the Palestinian one, to "take immediate action to put an end to the current, tragic situation". During the Angelus prayer, yesterday, which celebrated the Twelfth Night, the Holy Father encouraged "the initiatives and efforts of those who, having peace at heart, are trying to help Israelis and Palestinians to accept to sit round a table and talk". ” “

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