To worship God in the concrete of our everyday existence." This is the meaning of the "spiritual worship" according to Saint Paul, at the heart of the first general audience catechesis of 2009. According to Benedict XVI, the spiritual worship is neither "less real nor only metaphorical." It is rather a more "concrete and real form of worship, in which man himself in his full dimension of reasonable being becomes adoration and glorification of the living God. With Saint Paul the time of animal sacrifices, of expiation sacrifices, is now passed," explained the Pope, "and time has come for the true worship" which is not to be understood in a "moralistic sense," that is to say as "we are offering the true worship by offering our lives." In fact, in this way "the worship with animals will be replaced by moralism: man will do everything by himself, by his moral will. And this was certainly not St Paul’s intention." In other words, Christ "with his self-giving to the Father and to us is not replacing us but is bearing in himself all human beings, our sins and our wishes. He is representing us, he is taking us in Him. In the Communion with Christ, achieved in faith and in the sacraments, we become, despite all our weaknesses, a living sacrifice," concluded the Pope. ” ” ” “

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