Saint Paul "sees in Christ’s Cross an epoch-making turning point, which dramatically transforms and renews the reality of the cult". It was said by the Pope, who focussed his first audience of 2009 on Paul’s concept of cult. It is Christ’s Cross, according to Saint Paul, that is the "point of contact between God and man, the point of His mysterious presence in the world of man". In the Cross, recalled Benedict XVI, "Christ, God’s true Son, having made Himself a true man, took upon Himself all human suffering and all divine mercy; in His heart, the sorrowful mass of evil committed by mankind melts and life is renewed". Through Christ’s Cross, Saint Paul is telling us, in other words, that "the old cult, involving sacrificing animals in the Temple of Jerusalem, is over", because the "symbolic cult" has been "replaced by the real cult: the love of God made flesh in Christ and taken to completion in His death on the Cross". "Christ’s Cross, His love in flesh and blood, is the real cult, corresponding to the reality of God and man", said the Pope. So, Saint Paul’s is not "a spiritualisation of a real cult": quite the opposite, "the real cult replaces the symbolic, temporary cult". ” ” ” “

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