The European Days for Development 2008 will take place from November 15th to 17th. The event, now in its third year, is, according to the EU Commission, "one of the most important dates on the international development agenda": this year, they will be held two months after the UN General Assembly and a few weeks before the Doha Conference. In 2006, they had been focussed on "governance", in 2007 on "climate change"; this year, they will deal with the role of local players. "Local action and global action – explains the specifically-appointed commissioner, Louis Michel – are two dimensions of one development dynamics. The Days will launch new ideas, starting from the fact global action is key to the success" of worldwide development plans. In the past, the Days were attended by 3 thousand people a year, on behalf of 1200 NGOs, associations and institutions. The Days are organised by the EU, which remains – explains commissioner Michel – the main donor in the area of cooperation and aids to development, accounting for 56% of the world’s total. In 2007, the EU gave 47.6 billion euros to such end; this figure is expected to rise to 66 billion euros in 2010. Info:  

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