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"A sign that Christ can relieve us of the most difficult situations, giving us back our dignity and enabling us to look ahead, to a better future". With these words, Benedict XVI, in taking leave from Australia, recalled the meeting in Darlinghurst with the young who, past the tunnel into nothingness, are now engaged in new life plans. He is thinking, without the risk of any undue strained interpretation, of the tragedy of paedophilia, of which the Pope did not hesitate to speak out loud, asking the victims to forgive, asking to punish the offenders, and urging the educators to be wary. Words and gestures, including Mass with some of the victims of paedophilic priests, that say a lot about the terrible duel between good and evil. "Looking ahead, to a better future", thus becomes an appeal to come into action for the good: Benedict XVI, certain of the result of the challenge, makes this appeal after his meeting with Australia and the embrace of the young. Now people are going back home, the meeting of the eyes will continue in the time that separates Sydney from Madrid. Three years will fly by. Benedict XVI will keep looking at the eyes of the young, thinking of the eyes of God as He looks at the world. God looking at the world with the eyes of the young. Over the last few days, the meeting of these glances "showed that the Church can rejoice in today’s young people" and surprised many, even God.

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