We publish SIR’s fourth daily comment on the 23rd WYD.

” “It cannot be accidental that, on the very eve of WYD, the beatification of two spouses was announced in France: their nine children included a young Carmelite nun: Doctor of the Church, the patron of missions and one of the ten patrons of this WYD. She is St. Theresa of Lisieux, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, the little discalced Carmelite (who died at the age of 24). Her parents, who will be beatified on 19 October, World Missionary Day, are Zelia Guérin and Louis Martin.” “In the history not written by human hand everything is significant and what can be grasped, it seems, from the announcement of the beatification of a father and a mother is the immense value of the dialogue between the generations on what is essential in life.” “It’s a communication that has long been difficult, if not interrupted. Benedict XVI often expresses his concern for this rupture of relations and insists on the role of education. When he speaks to the young, inviting them to the mission among their own age group, since adults no longer seem equal to the task, he acknowledges a widespread pessimism but he does not resign himself and proposes an alternative path to renunciation.” “Today is the feast of the Blessed Virgin of the Carmel – this too is not casual. The announcement of the beatification of the parents of Theresa of the Child Jesus revives from Sydney the beauty and efficacy of communication between the generations, beyond space and beyond time.” “

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