"Everyone knows – went on the Pope – about the commitment of the Armenian Apostolic Church to ecumenical dialogue, "and I am sure the current visit of the venerable Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians too will contribute to expanding the relationships of fraternal friendship that bind our Churches". According to Benedict XVI, "these days’ immediate preparations for the Solemnity of the Pentecost drive us to revive our hope in the help of the Holy Spirit to move on along the way of ecumenism": "We are sure – stated the Pontiff – that the Lord Jesus Christ never forsakes us in our search for unity, because His Spirit is indefatigably working to support our efforts aimed at overcoming any division and patching up any rent in the lively fabric of the Church". Since the day the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples gathered at the Last Supper, ensured Benedict XVI, "the Church has always been, as it were, in a state of Pentecost" and "is not afraid to announce the Gospel down to the farthest borders of the earth". "That’s why – explained the Pope –, even confronted with difficulties and divisions, Christians cannot give up or surrender to despondency", but actually they have to "persevere in prayer to keep alive the flame of hope and their longing for a full unity". (continued)

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