"Not legalising immigrants living in Great Britain without papers" is "unfair and disgraceful". It was said in London yesterday by rev. Thomas McMahon, bishop of Brentwood, in his homily for "Mass for the Migrants", officiated in the Westminster Cathedral by card. Cormac Murphy-O’Connor. Mass was attended by 2 thousand Catholic immigrants from over 40 countries across the word who live and work in London; the apostolic nuncio, mgr. Faustino Sainz Munoz; and the Lord Mayor of Westminster. "Many immigrants – commented the bishop, McMahon – have lived and worked in the United Kingdom for many years, often paying tax and contributing to economy and society, but, according to their status, they are living here illegally and many of them might be expelled". "A government that decides not to do anything to legalise them is irresponsible", because "it leaves thousands of people exposed to exploitation and insecurity". Hence his appeal: "If the strategy of part of the government is a ‘hardcore approach’, we must be determined" and "raise our voices to ask citizenship for the immigrants who have been living year for years and who have settled in our country".

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