"The ecological one is not just a natural emergency, it is an anthropological emergency, in which what matters is the way man relates to himself and above all to God". Mario Mauro, deputy president of the European Parliament, was a member of the delegation of the Assembly, along with president Poettering, at today’s meeting between the EU and the Churches. "By providing quality education to everyone, intercultural dialogue must act as a bridge to face the emergency of climate change – explains Mauro -. The respect and preservation of our common house involve a shared view of what we are and how, in the name of reason, we should behave in front of the new challenges that climate change throws at us". "In this sense – concludes the deputy president, Mauro –, we must look favourably on the religious leaders’ ability to give their significant contribution to overcoming one of the greatest challenges of our time". The meeting was also attended by many Christian, Muslim and Jewish delegates who discussed the environmental emergency as well as the reconciliation of the peoples from the perspective of continental integration.

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