"Will the Commission declare whether and how it intends to encourage member states to improve and develop police cross-border cooperation, in relation to the fight against human being trade and forced prostitution?" It was one of the questions which the European Union parliament addressed to the Executive with a view to Euro2008, the continental football tournament starting on Saturday, 7th June. During next week’s session (Brussels, 4th-5th June), the parliament is making an oral inquiry and promoting a debate on the "fight against forced prostitution and human being trade on the occasion of the next European Football Championship". MEPs intend "to sensitize citizens on this phenomenon", and want to know "to what extent the community action plan against girl and woman trade for sexual exploitation was carried out and what was the outcome of it". The plan was drawn up in 2006, just before the Football World Cup in Germany. Pursuant to the inquiry, the campaign named "Red card to forced prostitution" turned out "successful, having paid a significant contribution to the reduction of both woman trade and prostitution during the World Cup". Furthermore, the text encourages member states "to take immediate" and specific measures against sexual exploitation.

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