"The different kinds of communication – dialogue, prayer, teaching, account, proclamation – and their different instruments – the press, information technology, visual arts, music, voice, gestures and contact – are all manifestations of the fundamental nature of the human person": those words were spoken by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican this morning, by addressing the participants in the Congress of the Faculties of Communication of Catholic Universities, promoted by the Papal Council of Social Communications. "It is clear – he added –, that the core of every serious reflection on human nature and the purposes of human communication should include a commitment concerning the question of truth (…), since the ultimate value of every communication is its truthfulness". Then, Benedict XVI exhorted the present (about one hundred people including deacons, teachers and scholars from about fifty different countries) "to nourish passion for truth and good, which is always strong in youth". Specific training – according to the Pope – should never "be faced as a simple technical exercise, or as the sole desire to supply information", but should be meant "to promote justice and solidarity, be respecting the value and dignity of every person under any circumstances; the person has the right not to be wounded in relation to what concerns his private life". (To be continued)

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