The Association for the protection of unborn children, of the British pro-life movement, voiced its "deep concern" for the number of MPs who yesterday voted for retaining 24 weeks as the time limit for abortion. Taking advantage of the debate on the law on embryos and in vitro fertilisation, 3 amendments were submitted to reduce such limit to twenty-two, twenty and twelve weeks. Over 390 MPs voted for the pro-abortion lobby and for retaining 24 weeks as the time limit, even if the Catholic Church and the pro-life movement had carried out an extensive campaign to reduce such time limit. "In Great Britain, the most dangerous place is your mother’s womb, which should be a sacred place", commented the former minister Edward Leigh who submitted the proposal for reducing the limit to 12 weeks, "98% of abortion are made for social reasons". "Those who are pro-life should now double up their efforts for the next amendments that will be submitted and that aim at repealing the need to have the agreement of two doctors for abortion to take place and at promoting nurses as abortion workers. If these amendments are passed, a higher number of children will die", stated Anthony Ozimic, secretary of the Association for the protection of unborn children.” ” ” “

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