"Go beyond the way of appearing, grasping the mystery of God’s tenderness which all of you have in yourselves, and acknowledge yourselves as sisters, though with your diversities". It was the invitation which the Pope made to the Ordo Virginum, received in hearing today, during the International Congress-Pilgrimage going on in Rome on the subject: "A gift within the Church and for the Church". "However, your ideal, really high for itself – said Benedict to the women who are part of this "particular expression of consecrated life" -, does not expect any particular exterior change. Usually, each consecrated remains in her life context". This "path seems to be devoid of the specific characteristics of religious life, above all, of obedience", but on the other hand, according to the Pope, "it implies total devotion to Christ, an assimilation to the Spouse which implicitly requires the abidance of evangelical advice, to preserve total belief in Him". "To be with Christ – actually explained the Pope – interiority is necessary, but at the same time, being with Christ paves the way to communication with brothers: and this is part of your mission", in which, thanks to "personal paths", "an essential lifestyle sets the commitment which each of you assumes by agreeing with the bishop, on both the spiritual and existential level". (To be continued)” “

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