” “"Love sees more than reason". It was said by the Pope who, in today’s catechesis mentioned a thought by Saint Bonaventure, taken from the Pseudo-Dyonisus Aeropagyte, the theologian of the VI century that today’s general audience focussed on. Recalling Dyonisus’s "deep influence" "on all Medieval mystic theology", Benedict XVI pointed out that the Aeropagyte "was mainly rediscovered by Saint Bonaventure, who in him found the conceptual instruments" to describe "Saint Francis’s extremely simple and deep humbleness". "In the darkness of reason – said the Pope, quoting Saint Bonaventure again, and his interpretation of Dyonisus –, faith sees, it is an eye; experience gives us more than reflection". For Dyonisus, in particular, "in the simplicity of the images of the Bible we find God’s ‘face’: so we can understand that not even God’s loftiest concepts can describe God’s greatness". In this sense, the theology of he Aeropagyte is basically "a negative theology", because "it’s easier to say what God is not than what He is". In this way, concluded the Pope, for Dyonisus, "only in the images can we find God’s true face, in His very concrete face that is Christ".

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