The household – stated the president of the Papal Council for Migrants – has "an educating mission to carry out. Through example and dialogue, the parents can act as catechists for their children, offering a culture of life, in the respect of values, in the harmony of relations, in the observance of religion and in the protection of Creation". In this pastoral, according to the cardinal, "one must adopt different forms of expression, in the attempt to increasingly qualify the pastoral workers’ creativity and zeal". Then it was up to the secretary of the ministry, mgr. Agostino Marchetto, to take stock of the work achieved by the latest Plenary Meeting held two years ago. According to the prelate, because of the "unstoppable growth of the phenomenon of human mobility in the world, the Papal Council must take more and better care". The Assembly will take stock of the situation of the family in the world of migration: a cue for the pastoral workers, who "will have to turn the migrant family into a more effective factor for evangelisation and for the strengthening of the Christian values, making it not just the recipient of the pastoral and charitable action of the Church, but also the protagonist of evangelisation, in its specific sphere".

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