"Only the Holy Spirit, which creates unity in love and in the mutual acceptance of diversity, can release mankind from the constant temptation of a longing for an earthly power that wants to dominate and standardise everything". It was said by the Pope who, in the Pentecost Mass he celebrated yesterday, defined the latter "a veritable ‘baptism’ of fire of the community, a sort of new creation". "In the event of Pentecost, "it becomes apparent that many different languages and cultures belong to the Church" which in faith "can understand and fecundate each other". "With its very birth, the Church is already ‘catholic’, universal", commented the Pontiff, because, "since the beginning it has spoken all languages, because the Gospel that has been entrusted to it is intended for all peoples, according to Christ’s will and assignment". The Catholic Church – he added – is not "a federation of Churches, but one reality: the ontological priority lies with the universal Church. A community that were not Catholic in this sense would not be a Church at all". Finally, Benedict XVI mentioned Saint Paul who came to Rome to announce the Gospel. "Thus the walk of God’s Word, started in Jerusalem, reaches its destination – concluded the Pope –, because Rome stands for the whole world" and "the universal Church, the catholic Church was thus accomplished".

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