The World Day for Human Rights, which will be celebrated tomorrow, should be a source of "shame and embarrassment” for the Philippines. This is the position taken by the Catholic Bishops Conference (Cbcp) and voiced by its President, mgr. Angel Lagdameo, archbishop of Jaro. He refers to "the countless violations of human rights" that are often committed completely scot-free. In a release published by Cbcp, mgr. Lagdameo says he is not sure about celebrating the Day in his country: “We are deeply ashamed of learning that our country is regarded as the most corrupted in Asia and the second most corrupted in the world, because of a number of minor and major violations of human rights”. Violations that "are not investigated, remain unexplained and unsolved or are covered up”, goes on the prelate. However, there’s still hope, which now is mostly related to the 2010 elections. "Don’t let’s lose hope that we may find nominees that are honest and sincere, men of vision and integrity, competent and inspired – concluded the president of the Bishops Conference –. We should learn from our past history and face our future with hope”.

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