EU leaders are asked to "build a greener economy." The request is made by the leader of the Anglican Communion, the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden and the President of the Evangelical Church. Before the European meeting that is going to be held in Brussels from 11 to 12 December, Rowan Williams, Anders Rejrd and Bishop Huber are addressing a letter to the President of the European Council Nicolas Sarkozy asking that "the climate issue debate be not limited to the finding of short or medium-term solutions under economic pressures." Voicing their worries on the attempts made by some governments to "buy carbon emission credits from developing countries rather than to reduce their own emissions," the Church leaders are asking the EU governments to adopt a "more holistic approach to the economic growth." "The choice is not between economic growth and environmental protection," they said. "Our economic and environmental fortunes are indissolubly linked." "The current financial crisis and economic recession are more an opportunity to build today the economy of tomorrow, less dependent on carbon, rather than a threat," concluded the leaders of the Churches recalling the package of measures for a greener economy announced by recently-elected U.S. president Barack Obama.

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