"The persecution of Christians in Orissa (India) continues, while the authorities look on". This is denounced by mgr. Raphael Cheenath, archbishop of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar. "At least 11 thousand Christians are still in the camps of the district of Kandhamal and several thousands in other districts, not to mention those who have fled to other states of India to their parents’ or friends’ homes. They all fear new violence if they go back to their villages", goes on the prelate. At the height of the persecution, that followed the murder of a radical Hindu leader on August 23rd which had been blamed on Christians even if the Maoist guerrillas had claimed responsibility for the murder, about fifty people were killed and 50 thousand people had to leave their homes. Losses and uncertainties, the fruit of the violence unleashed by some Hindu groups related to economic and political powers that see the Christians’ commitment to justice and equality as a threat against their supremacy. "For Christmas – goes on mgr. Cheenath -, our persecutors have already announced new initiatives against us. For many people who are waiting to come back and for the many who have stayed on to live in uncertainty, the extremists’ message is clear: only re-conversion to Hinduism will save you!". ” “

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