"Now should be Eulex time, at last". With these words, Mauro Ungaro, editor in chief of the weekly paper of the diocese of Gorizia (Voce Isontina) and a Balkan politics expert, comments with SIR the decision to put off to December 9th the starting date for the implementation of the deployment plan for the European Union’s Mission to Kosovo (Eulex). A plan that should have begun to be implemented on December 2nd. So, December 9th – states Ungaro – "might be the starting day for the deployment of the mission. In the Balkans, one can only ever speak in the conditional". The situation, points out Ungaro, "was resolved on December 1st when the UN Security Council approved the six-point plan drawn up by the secretary general, Ban Ki Moon. The plan also states that the Eulex must be neutral towards Kosovo, that the restrictions laid down by UN Resolution 1244 must always be complied with, and no mention can be made of the Ahtissari plan, the document that paved the way to Pristina’s independence". (continued)

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