«The Presidency of the Italian Bishops Conference, using the funds provided by the 0.8% donations, which are allocated by a dedicated Committee for Charitable Actions for the Third World, has offered effective help to those people who, in different areas of the world, have been hit by environmental catastrophes or conflicts. Along this industrious road of sympathy and solidarity, the Church that is in Italy will always move on, with increasing determination and with everyone’s help»: this was stated by the President of the Italian Bishops Conference, card. Angelo Bagnasco, in an introduction to the figures disclosed this morning by the National Social Communication Office, about the charitable actions and aids to the poor countries that have been carried out by the Italian Church, using the 0.8 per cent donations. The President of the Italian Bishops Conference points out that we are going through a "difficult economic time" which is affecting many families and that the Italian Church feels it is called to take action by the "many forms of poverty that exist in our regions and across the world". Then, he explains that «the establishment of the 0.8 per cent donation is not just another financial opportunity, but a form of "tax democracy", open to all taxpayers and aimed at supporting charitable and humanitarian campaigns to fight serious forms of social exclusion and promote the full development of people and communities».” “

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