"Imagining, creating, innovating": this will be the slogan for the European Year of Innovation and Creativity, which the EU has launched for 2009. Goals, plans and resources for this special Year will be presented to the international press in Brussels on December 5th, while the official opening of the events, which will last 12 months, will be held in Prague on January 7th when the current presidency of the European Union will be taken over by the Government of the Czech Republic. The EU gives pride of place to "creativity and innovation as responses to the social and economic challenges Europe has to face" in an "increasingly competitive and global" reality. In addition, the staff in charge of planning the events point out that this will mean "promoting the creative and innovative abilities of each and every person". The Year will be presented by the commissioner for culture, education and training, Jan Figel’. As a foretaste of the unique initiatives that will be carried out during 2009, a concert will be held in Brussels on December 5th by the "Vegetable Orchestra", which, as explained by the press office of the EU Commission, "plays fresh vegetables instead of music instruments". For info on the Year, visit :   

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