Missionary childhood Germany’s "Star Singers" (Sternsinger) will sing Christmas carols on German streets around January 6. "Children are looking for peace – buscamos la paz" is the slogan of this year campaign. Half a million young boys and girls from 27 German dioceses will go from door to door wearing the Magi’s clothes and carrying a comet. German children are committed to help other children their age that are suffering. The country that will benefit from their 2009 fund rising is Colombia. "Let’s look for peace" is the literal translation of the Spanish motto. This invitation is not made by chance, as in 40 countries across the world many are the children who are suffering from wars and armed conflicts. "Many children in Colombia are raised in a climate of violence," said President of Missionary Childhood Germany, Mgr Winfried Pilz, presenting the 2009 Campaign. "Many of them have seen their parents being kidnapped, killed or menaced and are living as refugees, with little hope for the future. They could not grow up in peace. In spite of everything, they are not losing their hope," he added.

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