E-Cristians, the Catholic association chaired by Josep Miró i Ardèvol, appealed against the verdict of the Court of Valladolid, which forced a local school to take away religious symbols from its còassrooms. In its appeal, E-Cristians points out that a religious fact cannot be judged "from reductionist positions, without taking into account its legal, historical, cultural and social dimension"; in addition, it recalls that the majority of the School Board voted to keep the Cross, which has been in the school for 30 years. E-Cristians also argues, in its appeal, that the Crucifix can be kept in the classrooms under the Agreement with the Holy See on teaching and cultural subjects and based on previous verdicts of the Constitutional Court on such points as keeping Sundays as a holiday, on the grounds of "belonging to a Christian civilisation and the value of tradition". E-Cristians also recalled the arguments put forward by the Italian Council of State in a similar circumstance, in which "the importance of the Christian doctrine in the formation of the modern, lay State and the fact the Crucifix must be regarded also as a symbol of a system of values, of freedom, equality, human dignity and religious tolerance", were taken into account.

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