"The will of Irish citizens must be respected, but also that of the 25 EU States that have already ratified the Treaty of Lisbon." In his speech to the European Council, Hans-Gert Poettering addressed Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen urging a solution to the Lisbon Treaty ratification, after the last spring deadlock caused by the Irish referendum. "The challenges we have to face are calling on the European Union to be democratic, efficient and close to its citizens." Therefore, the text must come into force. The President of the European Parliament recalled that the Irish parliamentary sub-commission introduced a report on the future of Ireland in the Union. According to the report, "there is no legal disposition against a new referendum." This is what Mr. Poettering is asking for, stressing the necessity of moving forward quickly so that a new Commission could be elected by the Assembly on 15 July as fixed by the Treaty. In his following meeting with journalists, Mr Poettering repeated: "We want the Treaty," even if he later acknowledged that it "is quite impossible" that it will enter into force by the European elections (4-7 June). ” “

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