Speaking yesterday in Brussels on the occasion of his visit to COMECE (Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community), Mgr Robert Zollitsch, President of the German Bishops’ Conference (Dbk), outlined the EU’s evolution. "Today, aren’t we used to a united Europe so that we risk forgetting how we arrived there, and what a fundamental value is Europe, the so-called ‘Continent of Peace’?", asked Mrg Zollitsch. Recalling the development of the EU, from an economic community to a community with social goals, Mgr Zollitsch said: "if Europe pursues its development, if it grows in unity and diversity, if democracy and freedom remain stable, if people feel home in Europe accepting it as their own home, this will largely depend on us, Christians. Even a united, democratic and social Europe is living on principles that it cannot guarantee. We all have an existential interest, but also the responsibility to ensure these principles are upheld. We all have the chance to make of Europe the continent of hope: a continent aware of its identity and that contributes to the creation of a fairer world. The face and the soul of future Europe are shaped by us all. Even the Church is eager to give its contribution." ” ” ” “

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