(Daniele Rocchi, SIR’s correspondent in Lyons) – Despite a common and "uneasy" religious indifference, religions remain "resources of meaning and levers of actions," as they are "more and more asked to provide answers to the new challenges posed by the living together." These words were spoken by the Viennese theologian Paul-Michael Zulehner’s, who intervened at the Social Week in France on the theme "Religions, a threat or a hope for our societies?" which opened today in Lyons. The theologian spoke of a diversified European-Christian ground with a faithful percentage from 10% to 60% depending on the countries on one hand, and 50% of daily practices without God on the other. A sort of atheism in quest of a meaning involved in an inner voyage." Between these two poles, "the differences are even more evident when it comes to sensitive issues such as biotechnologies and euthanasia," he explained. Nevertheless, in this phase, "a favourable wind is blowing on those Churches securing the conversion of those who had passed from the wider domain of spirituality to that of ecclesiality." To corroborate its thesis, Mr Zulehner quoted some figures by which the number of people who feel the need of God has actually increased among the inhabitants of some big European cities, including Lisbon, Vienna, Brussels and Paris. Then he concluded by highlighting "how an increasing number of young people are becoming fond of this Pope".” ” ” ” ” ” ” “

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