Secularization? "It’s nothing disquieting. On the other hand, it is a chance for religions". The young? "They are thirsty for the infinite". Jerome Vignon, the president of the French Social Week, has no doubts in pointing out some of the most important ideas emerged during the first day of the French Social Week, which opened in Lyon today and will last until Sunday 23rd. The subject of the Week is "Religions, hope or threat for our societies?". In an interview with SIR Europe, Vignon invites us to think about secularization as "an opportunity for religions; it is a stimulus for opening and a chance for coexistence of different conditions, views and beliefs. In this context, nothing might prevent believers from paying their contributions to the search for truth". With respect to this path towards truth, he added, "the young showed us to be particularly sensitive. They live in a quickly changing world. Thanks to the Internet and the great opportunities of mobility, they are witnesses and spectators of many changes, which are taking place in this epoch. And they wonder about which true and deep things are left. For this reason, I believe that the young are thirsty, and look for words of eternity".

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