"Then, as to Pius XII – went on Kasper -, I have the feeling that no one wants to arouse any controversy. The Jews realise that the beatification is an internal affair of the Catholic Church, but historical research goes on, and this is clear too. So, I think there’s a more peaceful discussion going on now. Of course, as to the historical points of view, there may be several problems and several questions. But this is normal. Research goes on. But those who know historical and objective research are increasingly in favour of Pius XII". How important was Pope Benedict XVI’s reassurance to Rabbi Rosen about the beatification issue? "Yes – replied Kasper –, this is a good and important thing. Then, I read publicly what the Pope said last Sunday during the Angelus about the Kristallnacht and the Jews were very grateful. They were really deeply moved by the Pope’s words that were very gratefully received".

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