” “"Guantanamo is a blatant breach of human rights, a shame for the USA and a disadvantage for the world’s fight against terrorism". The secretary general of the Council of Europe, Terry Davis, is not mining his words when he asks that the detention camp located in the US Navy Basis of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that will be five years old on January 11th, be immediately shut down. "All people suspected of terrorism – says Davis – must be taken to a tribunal or released. This prison must be shut down now". "To defeat the terrorists – firmly states Davis – we must remain faithful to our ideas and values. We cannot defeat terror through secret jails, torture, inhumane or degrading treatments, the detention of people left in a legal void and deprived of all the guarantees that are the foundations of our democracy. Using such methods does a favour to the terrorists. They want to counter a wrongdoing with more wrongdoing. We must not play their game".” “

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