” “Nairobi) “Guinea is regarded as a geological outrage – he explains – because it is extremely rich in bauxite, iron and diamonds. But the proceeds from the mining industries go to the UK, the USA, France and to the president’s family. That’s why the population is desperate and is demonstrating peacefully. Just think that a civil servant earns less than 20 dollars a month, and every family is composed of ten members on average. Therefore, there’s a lot of corruption and informal economy in the country". Mamadou specifies that "it is the first time the population has joined forces and rallied together to claim justice and dignity”. The population of Guinea is eight and a half million, 52 per cent are women. 80 per cent are Muslims, 10 per cent are Christians, the rest are animists. Foguired – an organisation related to the Justice and Solidarity Foundation of the Italian Bishops Conference – is funding in Guinea 660 social projects, worth 7 and a half million euros, thanks to the Ecclesial campaign on debt. Most have been allocated to agriculture, crafts, micro-finance, social promotion ad education. The Italian Bishops Conference published a release yesterday in which it expresses its sympathy with the population of the African country that is so hard hit.” ” ” ” ” ” ” “

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